Steps of press reconstruction :

01) Press before reconstruction
02) Hydraulic cylinders openning
03) Mechaniccal and hydraulic cylinders pieces dismounted
04) Frame alone
05) Hydraulic station taking down
06) Hydraulic cylinders mechaniccal rebuilding
07) Hot platens rebuilding
08) Electrical parts taking down
09) Hydrayulic tank and station cleaning
10) Frame cleaning
11) Hydraulic valves taking down
12) Frame painting
13) Mechaniccal parts painting
14) Joining prepare
15) New chromium plated piston and new seals
16) Hydraulic cylinder fitting
17) Hydraulic cylinder fitting on the frame
18) Mobil plate fitting
19) Hot platens fitting on the frame
20) Electrical cabinet fitting
21) Hydraulic valves fitting on the frame
22) New PC and new PLC
23) Operator terminal and operato protections fitting
24) Fitting in the cabinet
25) New high temperature cables for hot platens
26) Machine in test
27) Shipment of the machine
The reconstruction can be done for the presses installed in your workshop or for the secondhand presses you buy. The reconstruction can be partial or total and it's carried out in your or in our workshop.